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The QTSL welcomes people who are interested in doing visiting research or setting up collaborating research links. Please write an e-mail to Prof. Hu-Jong Lee with curriculum vitae and a brief statement of the research interests.


- Postdoctoral Research Associates

Opening of a Postdoctoral Position in low-temperature electrical conduction properties in high-Tc superconducting materials and nanostructure systems:


A postdoctoral research associate position is available immediately in QTSL. QTSL is supported by the National Research Laboratory (NRL) program as well as the Center for Excellency (Science Research Center; SRC) program funded by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF).

Main research activities in QTSL are focused on the experimental low-temperature electronic transport (especially tunneling) properties in nanostructures and in stacked-intrinsic-Josephson-junctions systems of highly anisotropic high-Tc superconducting crystals.


QTSL is currently accepting applications in the field of experimental studies on (tunneling) conduction properties in highly anisotropic materials (both superconducting and normal-metallic) like Bi-2212, Bi-2201, NCCOC, etc. and quantum conduction properties in nanostructure systems such as nanowires, mono-atomic layer sheets, etc. The appointment will be on a yearly basis with possible renewals up to three years. The successful candidate should hold a completed doctoral degree in physics and have research experience in low-temperature electronic transport properties. Candidates with experience in nano-fabrication and characterization, electronic tunneling, and handling of cryogenics will be highly preferred.


The first year annual salary will be around 30 million Won (approximately corresponding to 31.5 K US$) but it is also negotiable depending on one's research background. Housing will be provided close to the campus by low rates. Interested candidates are required to send their CV with a list of publications and the names of three references to Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (hjlee@postech.ac.kr). The position will be open until it is filled.


- Grant for Visiting Scientists:

Anyone who wishes to conduct visiting research in QTSL may apply for one of the following visiting-scholar fellowships for financial support. Prior to applying for a fellowship please contact Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (hjlee@postech.ac.kr).

과학재단(Korea Science and Engineering Foundation :KOSEF)
Postdoctoral Fellowships

학술진흥재단 (Korea Research Foundation :KRF)

한국과총 (Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies: KOFST)


- Graduate Studies:

Prospective students (either domestic or foreign) who are interested in joining QTSL for the graduate studies are encouraged to contact Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (hjlee@postech.ac.kr).
The detailed information on the entrance and the physics graduate program can be found in the POSTECH Physics Homepage.


- Undergraduate Research Participation:

Prospective undergraduate students, in domestic universities, who are interested in participating research activities at QTSL during the summer or winter vacation are encouraged to contact Prof. Hu-Jong Lee (hjlee@postech.ac.kr) for the possibility of research participation.
A participating student is supposed to learn about introductory concept of the superconductivity, fabrication and characterization of Josephson junctions. Some financial support for living expenses and on-campus housing will be provided.



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